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Tamara Solange - County Saddles

About Tamara

County Saddlery Fitter

Tamara Solange has a long history of working with horses and horse people in California.  Working mainly out of Moorpark, CA, she spent 15 years running a riding academy teaching and training children and adult amateurs the basics of classical Dressage and Jumping.  With a strong belief in correct foundations , Tamara had 8 schoolmasters she made herself and  kept as teachers. She would help folks get started on their journeys, and move them on to bigger show barns after they had learned the basics. 

“I am obsessed with the basics. When a rider learns them correctly, the sky is the limit.” Her horses were seasoned teachers and show horses, so a student could learn and show on a sound horse capable of teaching them the meaning of a real partnership.  “My focus was always with the horse FIRST in mind. When  a rider is educated correctly, on the ground as well in the saddle, the horse benefits.  For me, it’s all about the horse.  It is always about the horse.”  

Certified in Specialized Kinesiology (muscle testing), Tamara’s journey with horses led to an extensive background in Animal Communication, some of which is highlighted in the book “The Tao of Equus” by Linda Kohanov.  “It’s a tricky thing, this animal relationship thing.  Many of us think at first we have animals to help them, but in the end we have them to help us. My goal is to turn it back around and serve THEM, after all they do for us.”


It was no surprise to find herself looking at yet another modality to help horses after she closed her riding academy down.  “Saddle Fitting was something I knew nothing about, like most riders and trainers in the US.  I didn’t even know there was a Master Saddler Association in Europe, and once I realized what an important part of the whole process this was I was hooked.  The very idea that due to my ignorance my horses had possibly been in pain blew my mind.  I immediately wanted to help as many horses as I could via this new career in saddle fitting and saddle sales.  It was a no brainer to pick a company like County Saddlery. “  

The owner of County Saddlery, Gene Freeze is a like minded passionate horseman with history as a top level horseman himself. His saddle designs are with the horse in mind FIRST, and once a rider feels the difference there is no going back.  County Saddlery trains their fitter and certifies them through the MSA (Master Saddler Association) to ensure proper fitting and adjustments are made for both horse and rider.

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